This magnificent female one Persian, is the beginning of our passion. We participated in our first Expo, Paris Baltard. Next in the same year arrived SoftVelvet of Lanleya, Salsa of Cornwall then Kuang Chou Soraya.

Then, as all the fascinated persian one, we discovered the birth joy, while married Salsa and Soft Velvet. 

 This was the beginning of our experience of breeder. Since the years passed and we always fascinated by this wonderful cat that is the persian one. 

We situated to 50 km, to the north of Paris in a named town Sacy le Grand, the marshes that touch our town were called for the time of Julius Caesar, Grand Lac of Longua Aqua, from which the affix of our cattery.

the house where all this small world lives. Our male is in the bottom room to the left, and the second screw with the female ones.
In top to the left, this is the nurserie, where all our small bouts see the light of day. And all the female screws with us, or rather we live with them in the house remainder.

Here the nurserie where all our babies are born and evolve, with their mom, until they be autonomous. Next they themselves sociabilisent with the other cats in the whole house, even has what they find their new families. 

The bottom room now is reserved for the female ones in heat or for the evil

 a little too undertaking duringthe heat period.